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Electronic Makeup Artist (replaced with Makeup Artist)


NOTE: Please purchase this plugin only if you have a need for support in Final Cut Pro in rev 5 and earlier. It has been replaced with Makeup Artist.

The Electronic Makeup Artist does smoothing of skin tones with selective retention of detail.

This filter allows the user to select skintones and apply smoothing to reduce wrinkles, blemishes, etc. Using various detection algorithms, enough detail can be retained to avoid a 'blurry', vaseline lens look.

As production enters the HD era, and cameras capture every detail, this filter can keep your client looking their best. Whether you're working on a music video, a wedding video, or a corporate video, you need this plugin.

PLEASE NOTE: This plugin is currently working in Final Cut Pro versions 4.1 and later. It has NOT been tested in earlier versions (FCP 4.0, or 3). I have NOT tested it in Final Cut Express. Please download and try the demos before purchasing.

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