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Graphic Novel Toolkit


The Graphic Novel Toolkit plugin is designed to allow the user to create a rich and varied spectrum of “looks” consistent with the Graphic Novel universe.

With these controls: Amount, Grit, Ink Color, Density, Intensity and Blend Mode, the looks you can build are limitless.

15 presets: Warm, Cool, Matrix, Gritty Matrix, Matrix II, Warm Contrast, Newsprint, Blueprint, Redprint, Colored Pencils, Rich Warm, Rich Cool, Red Alert, Blue Deep, and Deep Grit, are included to enable you to get a panoply of looks with a single click.

PLEASE NOTE: This plugin is currently working in Final Cut Pro versions 4.1 and later. It has NOT been tested in earlier versions (FCP 4.0, or 3). I have NOT tested it in Final Cut Express. Please download and try the demos before purchasing.


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