The Anaglyph Plugin separates a clip into Red/Blue (Cyan) images for use with Red/Blue 3D glasses.

Click for more examples.

Anaglyph can be used with sterescopic camera clips, CGI clips, temporal 3D, or with a single clip for "fake 3d". You have sliders to adjust horizontal and vertical offset to adjust for camera shift, to control the convergence point, or to try an anaglyphic look on a single clip.

This is a beta version of the software, currently available for free.

    Play with 3D without poking out your eye.

    Clicking on the thumbnail above will open a larger image. This is an example of "Fake 3D". It's the same image, slightly offset. Click on that example to see "Temporal 3D" - the images come from the same clip, but from different frames. i.e. offset in time.
    The filter can be found under the Effects/Video Filters/Sheffield Softworks/ menu.